Month: August 2017

  • PBMW 2017 – R5 – Brands Indy (Deutsche Fest) Meet

    Round 5 of the Production BMW Championship @ Brands Indy (Deutsche Fest) is now over, overall a very up and down weekend. Full TSL results here.

    I made the mistake of putting on a fresh set of tyres for qually and only managed 11th. Pretty bad by my standards, a painful lesson for the future, I would have been better using my current fronts.

    Race 1 was actually great fun. I started well, had a long battle with Paul Beaurain putting him under lots of pressure. We had a close scrap, I got along side a few times but I couldn’t make the pass stick. A few cars up ahead had some issues, and we managed to catch up. I finished 9th, feeling happy to have moved forward in a race, the first time this year. Usually I qually really well and slip a few places.

    Race 2 was eventful to say the least! After a few laps, Mark Palmer’s car dropped fuel and it caused one car to fishtail and spin, making two others go to the side to avoid. Jackson (Ken Briddon’s son) ended up facing towards the traffic and Josh Watts smashed into him. There was no way they could have avoided the collision at the speeds, it might have been sensible to ease off a little but its hard when you are in the moment and racing hard. I luckily avoided everything! We had a few laps behind the safety car and then red flagged to clean up the fluids. At the restart I was badly boxed between two cars and got stuck, I finished 13th. Overall a bit of a nightmare.

    Footage of Race 1:

    Team Update:
    On a sad note, there was a serious incident in the Paddock on Saturday night, involving two people and a van being driven by someone senior in the team. This resulted in a major crisis for Sunday. I and the other drivers had no mechanics to rely upon. Various people from the team did come and assist, which was very appreciated, however the service received was well below par and after all the other dramas of the past months, post race I decided to recover my car to a lock up, before making a decision on what action to take going forwards. Very sad but I am here to race, I can’t take any more cr4p.