Month: July 2017

  • PBMW 2017 – R4 – Silverstone GP Race Meet

    Round 4 of the Production BMW Championship @ Silverstone GP is now over, ups and downs. Full TSL results here.

    Some good qualifying, however I wasn’t able capitalise on that in the races and lost places. During Race 1 I drove too hard into a corner and couldn’t stop. I ended up hitting Owen Darch and knocking him off the track. He rejoined, after loosing places. I was pretty gutted. First time this year I had made contact without another car and it was my fault.

    The MSA clerk saw me afterwards and I got penalised 2 points on my racing license. I accepted the punishment. The club may well also give me a yellow card for unnecessary contact. That put a downer on 8th place finish at Silverstone GP!

    The support in the paddock was very strained compared to previous race meets, I felt I did not get the level of help from the team as usual. The schedule was v tight too which didn’t help. Oh well let’s see how Brands Indy pans out after the summer break.

    Sadly no camera footage – the conclusion on the Roadhawk is it’s a piece of sh1t. I am going to have to buy a GoPro for Brands to stand any chance of footage.