Preparing for my first race weekend

Cadwell Park is fast approaching. I have been trying to get everything ready. Here’s a quick list of the additional things I have bought in the last few weeks:

Sparco Race suit, HANS device, AIM SOLO GPS Timer, X2 Race Transponder, Roadhawk 1080p camera for in car recording.

Speaking to Gary, we want to get as much of the tech in the car and sorted before we begin the season, so I have sent the AIM & Transponder to him to hard wire in the car, saves charging and the fitting faff each time. The PBMW regs state you have to be able to see the driver, interior brake LED and clear road, in case of any post race marshall decisions. The plus side is that will give the best vids which I can get up onto the blog 🙂

The number of entries for Cadwell has now exceeded the 28 grid slots, so for the first time in a few years PBMW are having A,B,C group races. The latest running schedule is as follows:

Qualification is 09:30. And then group AvsB race at 12:05, BvsC at 13:50, AvsC at 15:25. Not sure which group I am in yet.

I have been watching a load of PBMW Cadwell vids on YouTube, and a few private vids that GFR have of good starts, and pole laps. So pre-race I think I am there, how I will do when we are really racing no idea lol. Based on my track day guestimates, my target for qualification is 16th-19th. That would put me towards the mid-pack, and then I need to get a good smooth start and try and defend my position as there will be experienced racers behind. I really hope the weather is dry, Cadwell in the wet for my first ever race sounds one challenge too far, and I could end up with a bent car if I am not careful. The track is so narrow there is no room for error.

Overall I am ready, and getting a bit nervous for the debut. Bring it on..

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