Month: October 2016

  • Go racing? Decisions, Decisions…

    After my initial contact with Gary, he contacted me a week later to say a black E30 320i had come up for sale. The 2016 Production BMW had ended and therefore those who were moving onto other challenges in 2017 were selling their cars.

    The particular car was apparently in great condition, and was being sold by someone who had only done 2 meets in 2016, as they were competing in a Lotus Championship as their primary focus. The car had recently had good money spent and it was sorted, ready for the track. The car sounded perfect, but Gary was reticent to sell it to me if it was not going to be running in PBMW. Now I had always wanted to have a go at racing, but was I in a position to do that in 2017? To make matters more difficult, Gary explained his company, Gary Feakins Racing, had a good track record in Production BMW, and Gary himself had won the Championship in 2015! He could offer coaching, and full driver support, where the car would be run with a dedicated mechanic for each of the race days.

    Now that is a tempting offer! I said I would give it a few days to consider and work out finances and let him know…

  • Finding a cheaper track car

    I love track days in my Z4 M Coupe, but the costs are quite high, and the risk is pretty high too in case I bend it. Wanting to keep the car in one piece, I only go to  Bedford Autodrome, as it is really safe. After 5 track days in 2016 I wanted to improve my skills, but in something more affordable.

    I was recently flicking through a site called racecarsdirect and amongst all the racing royalty I spotted a potential bargain. A BMW E30 320i, remember those from the late 80s? Rear wheel drive, small, and light, yep that will work!

    Well this E30 was race prepped and was apparently running in the 2016 Production BMW championship, whatever that is. Well I enquired, and a nice guy called Gary Feakins replied, saying he was selling the car but unfortunately I was too late and the car had gone. Gutted! Gary explained that the cars came up every now and then and he would try and source one for me. Interesting times to come..?